Atheist discrimination by country – Land area

Atheist discrimination by land area
Atheist discrimination by land area (showing countries with incomplete data)
Atheist discrimination by land area (only countries with complete data)

These charts are generated from the information in the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) report on state discrimination against atheists, humanists, and the non-religious.

The report gives a score to countries according to the worst criteria the country satisfies. In some situations the data for a country is incomplete, meaning the country's score may be better than it should be. That is why there are three charts: one showing all scores as given in the report, one highlighting the countries with incomplete data, and one showing only the scores from countries with no missing data.

Land area estimates were taken from Wikipedia.

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Raw data

Rating Land area
Complete Incomplete data Total
km2 % km2 % km2 %
Free and Equal 118,263 0.1% 137,924 0.1% 256,187 0.2%
Mostly Satisfactory 11,322,663 8.3% 2,248,864 1.7% 13,571,527 10.0%
Systemic Discrimination 29,972,154 22.0% 20,362,544 14.9% 50,334,698 37.0%
Severe Discrimination 24,628,712 18.1% 19,316,619 14.2% 43,945,331 32.3%
Grave Violations 15,411,593 11.3% 12,701,344 9.3% 28,112,937 20.6%
Total 81,453,385 59.8% 54,767,295 40.2% 136,220,680 100.0%